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  • About BOOM?

    What is BOOM? BOOM is a site based, one on one, mentoring program whose goal is to identify and service 225 youth, between 4th and 8th grade; BOOM is designed, specifically, to meet the needs of children across the City of New York, and especially the Bronx; by providing mentors to our community, the community of youth in this City, the Bronx One on One Mentoring program (BOOM) can begin to help guide the lives of youth in ways that can speak, more directly, to their individual needs.

    Bringing support services to the hard working parents and educators who are already in the lives of these children, that is what BOOM is all about. Supporting youth, helping them achieve their respective goals, guiding them away from the strangling hold of the urban condition, while helping caregivers and educators meet the needs of our children, whatever they are, hands on; BOOM seeks to provide mentorship to youth in all areas of academic study and provide recreational activities for both the mentee/mentors while cultivating that aforementioned  relationship, that is how we begin to break down perceptual/cultural barriers and create change capable of lasting into the future. Mentoring is one step among many that must be taken in order to change the lives of our children, your children, and BOOM welcomes anyone who is interested in mentoring a child, to the field of change…