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  • What is BOOM?

    The American Latin Association of New York (ALANY), which operates the BOOM program, is a non-profit, community based organization established to address the needs of Latin youth as well as other ethnicities of youth throughout New York City who face severe disadvantages.

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    ALANY has provided mentoring relationships to youth in the Bronx and is respected nationally for its programmatic successes. We serve the youth population ages 8 to 16 years, providing mentoring to children who have one or two parents incarcerate, in foster care and after school programs throughout New York City.


    Our Funding

    ALANY has received and successfully administered grants from the US Department of Health and Human Services, US Department of Education, The Mayor‘s Fund of New York and many local corporations and foundations. 

    BOOM ensures quality matches and enduring relationships are developed between children and their mentors. The program follows positive youth development principles and is designed to provide children with community based mentoring relationships to develop healthy and inspiring bonds with reliable adult figures while building their confidence, character, essential competencies, healthy connections, and desire to contribute to their community.

    Measures of Success

         ALANY offers one of the leading cognitive development programs available. Based on ideas formulated at leading universities and on Swiss education boards, ALANY has created BOOM, a Multiple-Intelligence program that provides a challenging and supportive educational environment that incorporates diverse learning methods. BOOM has a high rate of success as measured with both qualitative and quantitative  data. Of the matches made, there is a 79% retention rate in the program. In a recent BOOM mentor and mentee survey, the following was reported.

    • § Over 80% of the mentors reported that they enjoy their BOOM mentoring experience and 88% feel their menteer and they are a good match. \
    • § Over 65%  of the mentees in the BOOM program stated in their survey that are very sure they will graduate from high school and 75% are sure they will attend college. This is a significant attitude change and a stark contrast to the literature review that reports 70% of the youth living in the Bronx will NOT complete high school.   
    • § 80% of mentees report receiving an overall academic performance of “B” or better.