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From the words of a Mentee~

"Bronx One on One Mentoring Program has helped me succeed in and out of school. I have been with my mentor for little over a year now. We attend picnic, go to the movies and etc. We also take the time to sit down and talk about school and other things. My father and mother were killed 8 – 10 years ago and my grandmother is now my guardian. She brought me to the program because she couldn't do all the things that we wanted to do. Now I can, ever since I joined the BOOM program. We need to keep this program because it helps and teaches kids my age and older to become more aware of themselves in and out of school. They sometimes don't get to experience things either because your parents are in jail or are dead. BOOM helps us to stop dwelling on the past and to look toward the future. I plan to be part of BOOM until I turn 18 years of age. I will then finish high school and college. By then I would like to come back and give what I learned to other kids in much need of help and guidance. So please keep this program!" ~Edwin age 14

From the words of a Mentee~

"I find myself more positive about my future. I have confidence boost has allowed me to take positive steps to achieve my dreams. With the encouragement of my mentor, I am now much more willing to seek out additional advice from professionals and no longer feeling timid. The mentors provided at BOOM will benefit any youth" ~Dominick age 12

From the words of a Mentee~

"I have become more certain about pursuing graduating from High School and College. After having a mentor, I have more understanding what lies ahead and how to better prepare me for that path. I am excited to know that I can always turn to my mentor for advices. BOOM is a great place to meet amazing role models. The positive influence from the mentor and staff is just tremendous for me".
~Adolfo age 14

Ashley Rodriguez joined BOOM at the age of 11. She was having a lot of difficulties at home and especially at her school. Ashley at the time was sexually active, academic scores were low, cutting school and running away from home. Her mentor Brandice experienced a similar situation while growing up. Meeting with her mentor and attending workshops on safe sex, self-esteem & competence her attitude towards life and school changed drastically. A few months into the mentoring relationship Ashley continued attending school and her grades increased, in fact she became Student of the Month. Ashley no longer leaves home and her relationship with her mother and peers have change positively. Today Ashley is a freshman in High School and keeps regular contact with her mentor. She has joined a program to mentor elementary students.

Alexa Rodriguez joined BOOM at the age of 10. She was having difficulties at home and school. Each day she became more isolated and her academic scores decreased. After attending BOOM sessions and matched with mentor Priscilla Torres, she came out of that shell and shyness that didn't allow her and others to acknowledge her abilities to succeed as an individual and life, while facing low self-esteem. Her mentor at the time was preparing to graduate from college, whom faced and struggled similar to Alexa struggles. She taught her mentee, that she had options and had people around her that care for her
very much. Six months into the mentoring relationship, Alexa increased her academic scores.

Justin Rodriguez Age 9, has changed his attitude. He has improved tremendously in school. He focuses and does his all his homework. His attitude has satisfactory change at home and in school. His mentor is very influential and has taught him a lot. His grandmother states; "Vincent is a great role model".

Ricardo Age 12, has been struggling with weight issues for years. John struggles with low self-esteem and self-confidence. His mentor George is a great young, and is very athletic and loves all sports. He has encouraged Ricardo to exercise and build self-confidence. They often go to parks to play sports. Ricardo has improved his attitude and no longer feels complex about his weight.

Maria Rivera Age 15, struggled the death of her dad at a young age and the incarceration of 2 of her uncles, which she was very closed to. Maria was having emotional issues, she became angry at everyone around her because she felt abandon by her loved ones. After being match with her mentor, she taught her how to deal with those emotions that sometimes we experience while growing up. Her mentor occasionally visited her at her school and met with her teachers just to find valuable ways to work with her. She currently is attending High School and her grades have improved. She also has improved her attitude towards life and has become more appreciative of the ones around her that care very much about her.

Ramon Brea Age 14, has an older brother. His brother dropped out of school at an early age. Their father is currently in prison, he was sentenced to life in prison. This made his brother the man of the house, Ramon looked up to his brother. His brother was running the streets and getting in constant trouble with the law. Ramon became acting similar to his brother, never wanted to attend school or do his homework. After being match his mentor and BOOM worked intensively with him on his homework and behavior. His mentee has improved and is doing much better in school.

Briana Age 13, is very athletic, love sports. She has been living with her foster parents for a few years now. After being separated from her parents she became angry. She would throw tantrum when losing a game, it was her way to get rid of all the emotions. Her mentor love sports as well. She has worked with her mentee tremendously in building her self-confidence, learning that life is not always about winning. Her foster mother says that (name) has improved and that they are now having a better bond, she even consider adopting her.

Joseph Age 11, lives with his mother, grandmother and two younger siblings. His father is currently incarcerated and facing deportation. He was closed to his. His mother was devastated and didn't know how to deal with this situation. Joseph grades and behavior made him get in a lot of trouble. He would have constant fights at school and with the kids in his neighborhood. His mentor was devoted and helped him to overcome his fears. After 6 months into the relationship, Joseph was feeling less angry and preventing altercations. His mentor accompanied him to visit his father, mother couldn't often due because at the time she was pregnant, and didn't have financial resources.

Seanna Age 9, mentor has taught me ways to overcome her fears. After experiencing the death of her mother, her grandmother became her primary care provider. The transition, new school, new neighborhood made her a timid and afraid of her surroundings. Her mentor has encouraged Seanna to focus on her school and within herself.

I enjoy being Jodi's mentee. She has taught me a lot and I have experienced new things as well, some that my mother is not able to do. My mentor is amazing. We are so much alike: extremely athletic and scattered in school. She encourages me to do my best now and for the future. My mentor signed me up for the South Bronx Football League; I really love Football just like she does. I am so glad BOOM put us together. ~Shamar age 12

Joining BOOM has changed my life. I have experience and visited places that have made me change my views about life. I am so fascinating with her. She has a career and still manages to help me reach my goals and become a better person. I love her and all she does for me; helps me with my homework and attends my parent teacher meetings, she is very supportive. My grades have improved, my relationship with my mom and younger siblings, I don't get in trouble anymore, no more fights or detentions.
~Diamond Age 11

Famous Celebrities and Their Mentors

Oprah Winfrey mentored by Mrs. Duncan (4th Grade teacher)
Dr. Martin Luther King mentored by Dr. Benjamin E. Mays
Sen. John McCain mentored by William Ravenel (high school teacher/coach)
Secretary of State Hilary Clinton mentored by Rev. Donald James
Hellen keller mentored by Anne Sullivan
Quincy Jones mentored by Ray Charles
Denzel Washington mentored by Sidney Poitier


"As a mentor, at the Bronx One on One Mentoring Program, I have been given the opportunity to help a young girl though her life struggles by putting a smile on her face. Not only have I helped her grow as a person, but she has helped me grow into an understanding adult. In the program we are given activities that nurture the relationship between mentor and mentee. Me and my mentee's relationship has grown so much that I have decided to expand my mentoring contract for an extra year, making this my second year of mentoring."

~Grisel Rios


Charles & Khaliq
~Khaliq Caldwell

“Mentoring for me has been an unbelievable experience. It gives me great pleasure to be a vital part of a young person life and development. My relationship with my mentee is extremely important to me because it provides me with a sense of purpose and self worth. This is because know that no matter what happens throughout the day, whether I triumph or fail miserable, as long as I can use the event to teach, develop, expand and grow the mind of my mentee than, everything I have experience will always be positive because it has benefited him and allowed him an opportunity to grow and become a be person. My relationship with my mentee is also beneficial to me because of my impact on his life, having him as a mentee has been great for me because as adults we sometimes lose sight of the little things whether it stems from stress related to work or our personal life, the young child acts like a mirror forcing me to reflect on things I might have never seen or notice which, helps me keep my focus on important things in life.”

~Charles Williams





“BOOM is cool. BOOM teaches us a lot of things, and we play sports.” ~Dominick De Los Santos



“I Like BOOM because it is fun. Also, I get to see my friends and talk to my mentor. I really like being here.”

“BOOM taught me a lot of things in the years I have been here.” ~Ariel Brea



“While there are those who hope for a better future, there are others who realize that the key to a better future is found in children. BOOM not only realizes this, but also invests itself in the nourishment of all children so that a better tomorrow lays on the horizon.”

~Janille Esquilin

“BOOM has been a great program that has given me the opportunity to mentor a great mentee. BOOM is program that gives a student a person to look up to and the opportunity to open up with each other.”

~Vanessa Mendez

“Screaming, running, and having fun are found in a special home called BOOM. I am proud to share my life with an incredible child who needs my support, and help BOOM is the exact word that comes out from me when I play and interact with my mentee.”

~Diana Raymundo

“BOOM means inspiration, excitement and I hope that I am able to inspire someone into dreaming big while creating a bond that would last a long time.’”

~Priscilla Torres

“The Power of the simple ‘TO BE THERE’ is the possibility of causing the atomic reaction to affect someone’s life and the possibility that they can touch others.”

~Manny Rodriguez